Ordinary 3A Epiphany 3a – art, bulletins, and coloring

Bulletin covers and coloring pages for Ordinary/Epiphany 3A
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Jesus calls the fishermen – Matthew 4:12-23 – bulletin covers and coloring pages



Come and Follow Me

Mat4bw Matt4-12-23


Mat4bwv Matt4-12-23v

Psalm 27

Psalm 27 bulletin

Coloring page/ B&W

Psalm 27 coloring page

Psalm 27

Psalm 27

Ordinary 2A/Epiphany 2A art and coloring pages

Ordinary 2A and Epiphany 2A art and coloring pages for the Gospel story – John 1:29-42 (Lamb of God) and Psalm 40.

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MLK art can be found here: MLK Sunday art

Lambof Godcol

Lambof God


Psalm 40 bulletin cover

Psalm 40 bulletin

Psalm 40 art


Baptism of the Lord art

New Baptism of the Lord art – bulletin cover, coloring page, and greyscale.

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Baptism of the Lord bulletin cover and coloring page

For those who are keeping to the lectionary this Sunday: Baptism of the Lord Sunday – bulletin covers, worship screens, coloring pages. If you are celebrating Epiphany, please find art here: Epiphany

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Lord's Baptismcol

Lord's Baptism

Lord's Baptismcolsq

Lord's Baptismsq

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

baptism coloring sheet



Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

Bulletin Cover art and coloring pages for January

Here’s a quick link post to all my bulletin cover art and coloring pages for the month of January for Year A.

I’ll be creating and adding new images each week which will be sent via my email subscriptions. You can also check out the current Sunday page each week on the menu section.

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Jan 1 Christmas 1A  

Jan 1 New Year’s Day art

Jan 06 Epiphany art

Jan 08 – Baptism of the Lord

Jan 15  Epiphany 2A and MLK Sunday art

Jan 22 – Epiphany 3A      Jan 29 – Epiphany 4A

Epiphany Art for bulletins and coloring

Epiphany Art for the first Sunday of the year or January 6th. Epiphany bulletin covers and coloring pages. Newest images at top. Subscribers and donors can copy and download for use. Clicking on the images will take you to a page with bigger sizes.

New Year’s Day art can be found at the bottom of this post.




3 Gifts  3 Gifts coloring

Gifts2020  Gifts2020bw

Epiphany22  Epi22col

GiftBringers  Magi

Gifts of the Magi  Good Gifts

2015 Epiphany  2014nativity

Royal Gifts  The Arrival

Fit for a King  Gifts

3 Gifts h

3 Gifts h coloring


2023NYDcol  2023NYD

Gabriel and Mary: The Annunciation

Gabriel and Mary – bulletin cover and coloring page. Subscribers and donors can download and copy for use.

Advent 4 Bulletins can also be found here: Advent 4 candles



Christmas Eve Bulletin art

My new Christmas Eve silhouette for this year. We’ll be using this for the worship bulletin at the church I serve on December 24th. It’s called “Wanderers.” There are two versions – with and without a border. It can also be used for Christmas cards, marketing postcards, as well as for banners and visual screens. Subscribers and donors can click, copy, and download in various sizes for their churches. My other Christmas Eve art is included below .



Art work for Christmas Eve – different nativity scenes – subscribers or donors can click on the art and download larger sizes for church programs 🙂

A Child is Born Mary Knew Momma's Little Star Bundle of Joy Gift of Good News

Roomless Beneath The Stars Almost ThereStar Angel

Bliss Commitment Mary Had A Baby StarsBowDown City of David

Alone Outside Birth of a A Star Star Song Heavenly Peace

Nativity2010 Nativity Nap Time Holy Night Child of Peace Light of the World

Starry Starry Night Arrival Royal Baby MM2 Born Unto Us

Naty2019 Love Came Down The Child

2014nativity Outsiders Messenger

Christmas Nativity Art

Christmas Nativity art and coloring pages. Subscribers and donors can click, copy, and download various sizes. You can also view some more of my Nativity and Christmas drawings at this link: Christmas Nativity art



Nativity2021 Nativity21cp

Naty2019col Naty2019

2015 Epiphany 2014nativity

The Child The Child

Among Us Love Came Down

Little Prince of Peace Outsiders

Christmas Angel art and coloring pages

Christmas Angel art and coloring pages – for Christmas services and programs, newsletters, websites, and children’s ministries. Subscribers and donors can click, copy, and download for various sizes.



Gabriel's Horn Angel

Messenger Mandala Messenger

Annunciation Annunciation

Peace Angel Angel2016