Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross (7)

Seven Last Words 7

Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit.

2 thoughts on “Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross (7)

  1. In an attempt for me to explain to one of my priests in my parish some of my understanding of the relationships between our observance of Christ the King this Sunday, the upcoming season of ADVENT, and the tie in to reflecting on the liturgical cycle that we are always replaying in our exploration of faith, we consider the birth, death, and ressurection stories from various perspectives. This is clearly something that requires more than mere language can supply and I have found that music and art fill a great many voids in our attempts to understand things. Your art will go a long way toward opening doors to that exploration.

    I would ask for the opportunity to use your depictions of the Seven Last Words in a Power Point presentation to our adult faith formation group as my entry into delving into this relationship. It will not be aired or sent out as an e-mail nor will the presentation itself be made available to anyone without your expressed “written” permission (e-mail is included in that permission).

    We have seen the video you have made as well but Pacha Belle’s Canon is not where I wanted to go and the other images, though intriguing in and of themselves, are directing discussion away from our current exploration. I showed the youtube video in a recent discussion. We will come back to that again at Easter and explore the directions that the video inspires.

    Thank you for your consideration on this.
    Sincerely yours in exploration of faith,
    Charles J Smutny III

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