Scottish art: The real Brigadoon

Another Brig O’Doon drawing

Real Brigadoon

3 thoughts on “Scottish art: The real Brigadoon

  1. Brigadoon
    Deep within the highland mist
    The echo’s of a magical tune
    A Scottish lilt called Brigadoon.

    Once a century it calls your name
    The village from the mystic past
    Enchantment blessed, heaven sent
    True love for ever that always lasts..

    Just one chance you are gifted to see
    Brigadoon the village of eternity
    Partake of goodness for ever more
    As you cross over the bridge of Doon..

    Shrouds of mist will cover your tracts
    Brigadoon has captured your heart
    Love and kindness, all heavens gifts
    For the world you left
    Will not be missed…

    Peter the Haggis

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