Easter Sunday art: Liberty Sunrise

The greatest event in the history of the universe

Liberty Sunrise

15 thoughts on “Easter Sunday art: Liberty Sunrise

  1. I love your Liberty Sunrise. Would you grant us permission to print it on the front of our Easter worship bulletin?

    Sarah Carol
    Alamo Heights United Methodist Church
    San Antonio, TX

    1. Sarah, thanks for the message. Please feel free to use the image for your bulletin. The only requirment is that you list me as the artist and provide a link for my art web site (www.stushieart.com)

      God bless you!

      John Stuart aka Stushie

  2. Looking for craft/art ideas to work with my kids (we homeschool) I found this painting and your blog in Pinterest. (Actually I pinned your work in my art Board) Is it ok for us to use your work with the purpose of study them and use them as inspiration to make our own? My kids (6-13yrs) and I love your work. Thank you.

      1. Thank you so much! This piece of art just resembles the hope we all have in Jesus, because He is alive, there is an empty tomb! Have a wonderful celebration of His Resurrection. Blessings, Patricia

  3. I would like permission to use your Liberty Sunrise piece on Easter bulletins for Clemson United Methodist Church, Clemson, SC.
    Thank you.
    Keith Ray

    1. Hi Keith, thanks for asking. Please use the art for that purpose. Please also list me as the artist and the art website in the bulletin. God bless…:)

  4. May I use your Liberty Sunrise on a small bulletin board this week in our children’s ministry hallway? I’d be glad to list you as the artist along with the website. Thank you,
    Mary Price
    Westerville OH

  5. Please may we use this artwork on our Easter hymn sheet this year?
    St. Catherine’s Church, Caerphilly, Wales (UK)
    If permitted, I will be only too happy to acknowledge you as creator of he work (would you prefer to be known as ‘stushie’ or by another name?) and include your website address…

    1. Thanks ed. Please use the artwork for those purposes. All I ask is that you list me as the artist, as well as the artsite (www.stushieart.com) on your bulletin. God bless you.

      John Stuart aka Stushie

  6. What a beautiful piece. I would love to show my class as part of our Easter learning. I will lsit you as the artist and the artsite if that is ok

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