Advent Clip Art: Mackintosh Advent

Advent candles and Church window in style of Scottish art nouveau artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Mackintosh Advent

6 thoughts on “Advent Clip Art: Mackintosh Advent

  1. We love this Advent art in the style of Mackintosh and would like to use it for our bulletin covers during Advent – with credit line.

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks for the message. I am delighted that you would like to use the image for your bulletins. I now require a $25 image use charge, so that I can email you a large jpg image suitable for printing. I also send the church a 8×10 signed print with an 11×14 matte, ready for framing. Churches auction or raffle these prints and raise money for a program or a mission. They usually raise much more than the original $25!

    Let me know what you would like to do. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your response. I am checking with the Minister of Music & Worship and will let you know asap. Royal Lane is a big supporter of the arts with Art Gallery on site, Annual Art Festival and large collection of artwork, so I am anticipating that this will be approved.

      1. Harry Wooten will be contacting you to arrange for payment for this and another jpg & print – the Glasgow Cup in the same style. Have sent him your email contact information.

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