Advent Candle Art for Churches

Advent art for church bulletins, postcards, marketing and websites – several of my Advent Candle series.

I’ll upload a separate post for my Advent coloring pages.

Subscribers and donors only may copy and download for use.

You can view more of my Advent art that I have produced over the years at this link on Flickr: Advent Art

ADVT2201Hcol ADVT2202Pcol

ADVT2203Jcol ADVT2204Lcol

ADVT2205CCcol Advent20221col

Advent20222col Advent20223col

Advent20224col Advent20225col

AV1colp AV2COLp

AV3colp AV4colp

AV5colp ADVT2101H



Advent 1 candle Advent 2 candles

Advent 3 candles Advent 4 candles

Christ Candle Advent 1

Advent 2 Advent 3

Advent 4 ccd

You can view more of my Advent art that I have produced over the years at this link on Flickr: Advent Art

Advent Bulletins 2019 – First series

Here are my new Advent images for church bulletins – this is series 1 of 2019.

Subscribers and donors may copy and download them for church use 🙂

2019 Advent 1

2019 Advent 2

2019 Advent 3

2019 Advent 4

2019 Christ Candle

Advent 1 art for bulletins

A number of the Advent candle drawings I have created for Advent 1

Advent 1-2014 Advent 1 candle Advent 1 2015 Advent 1 spiral Advent 1 arch

Advent 1 box Advent 1 Advent 1 Advent 1 Advent 1

Advent 1 2016 Advent 01h Advent Candles Week 1 Advent 1 color Advent 01

2015 Advent 1 Advent 1 - 2014 ADVT01

Advent Candles – revised

This is an older Advent Candle series with a new Christ candle that I just added 🙂



Christ Candle

Church Bulletins: Advent Covers

Different Advent covers available for churches – see details for ordering on right hand sidebar

Advent 2014

Advent covers 2014

Advent Art Nouveau

Advent Covers mackintosh

Click on the links to copy larger jpgs

Art Nouveau Advent 1               Art Nouveau Advent 2

Art Nouveau Advent 3                 Art Nouveau Advent 4

Advent Star

Advent Covers paper scuplting

Advent Paper

Advent Covers paper

Advent Snowmen ( for children)

Advent Covers Snowmen

Advent art – Advent Candles by Stushie

Advent candles in a wreath


Advent art: Adventure by Stushie

Different kind of Advent candles


Advent art: Advent Candles by Stushie

I love this time of year….:)


Advent art: Advent 2012 by Stushie

My four bulletin cover drawings for 2012


Advent Clip Art: Mackintosh Advent

Advent candles and Church window in style of Scottish art nouveau artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Mackintosh Advent