Advent Art: Week 1 by Stushie

Advent bulletin covers for First Sunday in Advent

Advent 1-2014 Advent 1 2015

Advent 1 - 2014 ADVT01

ADV01 Advent 01

Church Bulletins: Advent Covers

Different Advent covers available for churches – see details for ordering on right hand sidebar

Advent 2014

Advent covers 2014

Advent Art Nouveau

Advent Covers mackintosh

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Art Nouveau Advent 1               Art Nouveau Advent 2

Art Nouveau Advent 3                 Art Nouveau Advent 4

Advent Star

Advent Covers paper scuplting

Advent Paper

Advent Covers paper

Advent Snowmen ( for children)

Advent Covers Snowmen

Advent Bulletin Covers – 2014 set by Stushie

This year’s Advent Bulletin covers – churches can obtain the jpgs from me for printing at a cost of only $15 for the whole set. Contact me at if interested.

Week 1

Advent 1-2014

Week 2

Advent 2-2014

Week 3

Advent 3-2014

Week 4

Advent 4-2014