2 thoughts on “ACEO original art: Jolly Snowman by Stushie

  1. your work is very good; i especially like the vibrant colors. i am disappointed w/ timely delivery. example: the jesus walking on the water art, which arrived too late to include in this past sunday’s lesson. i took a subscription because i was so impressed with the holy week art, and used that for worship during that week. i would prefer more art tied to the lectionary, delivered at least one week in advance.i await your response. blessings; pacia

    > On August 12, 2014 at 12:00 PM Stushie Art > wrote: > > stushie posted: “I’m enjoying some miniature painting at the moment and > creating new original ACEOs for sale. ” >

    1. Thanks for your comment. With all due respect, the unlimited subscription is for all the art on my art site. However, I don’t draw a lectionary item each week and most of the time my religious artwork is what the Holy Spirit inspires me to do. I am sorry that you thought otherwise; most churches use my artwork at various times of the year, but especially during the high festivals. They are looking for unique art and have been very satisfied with what I produce, even to the extent of ordering prints.

      I will do more lectionary artwork in the future and will try to have it posted in advance. Eventually it will build up into a complete collection, but it will take time.

      God bless your work and ministry.

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