pentecost art: Pentecost Power by Stushie

Pentecost stained glass/worship bulletin/ banner design

Pentecost Power

6 thoughts on “pentecost art: Pentecost Power by Stushie

  1. Hello! I love your art. I do the bulletins for my church, Immanuel Presbyterian Church (USA), Montgomery, AL and with your permission, I’d love to use this on our bulletin for this Pentecost Sunday. It’s beautiful.

    Thanks, Ann Webb

    1. Thanks Ann for your courteous request. Please feel free to use the artwork for your bulletin. The only requirements that I make is that you list me as the artist and show a link for this art website in the bulletin. Thanks.

  2. Hello Stushie, your art is so vibrant and alive – very spirit-filled. Thank you for posting it for us to enjoy. I am a primary school teacher and think your work will be much appreciated by my class. I would very much like to use this beautiful Pentecost image for our Sacrament of Penance powerpoint at the church and for the children’s booklets (with due acknowledgement of course).

    1. Vanessa, thanks for your email. Please feel free to use the artwork for any of your class projects. I am delighted that you are using it in this blessed way. God be with you all.

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