African art: African Sunset by Stushie

Elephant at a water hole during sundown in Africa.

African Sunset

Smoky Mountain art: Heaven Meets Earth by Stushie

Where Heaven meets Earth – the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

Heaven Meets Earth

Good Friday art: Star Fall

Star Fall

Christmas art: Massai Madonna by Stushie

If Christ were born in Africa today, He’d probably be an HIV baby. African Madonna and child

Massai Madonna

Stushie art: Serengeti Sunset

African Lion King

Serengeti Sunset

Lighthouse art – Katapausis – Greek lighthouse at sunset

Greek Lighthouse at sunset. I call this “Katapausis” which is the Greek word for Sabbath Rest


Scottish art: the Old Course

Twilight at St. Andrews Golf course in Scotland.

The Old Course

Twilight is also known as ‘the gloaming’ in Scotland.

Art of the Psalms: Psalm 101

Psalm 101:1 – I will sing of Your love and justice


There is no greater display of love and justice than of Christ on the Cross at Calvary. Redemptive Love is not a myth…it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of humanity.

Stushie Art: Winter Sunset

Sunset in winter.

Winter Sunset

I love the ghost-like qualities of the trees….