Stushie Bible art: “And God said.”

The act of Creation in Genesis – 8×10 crayons

And God Said

Easter Sunday Bulletin Covers Art

Easter Sunday is the most wonderful and holiest day in the Christian calendar. Here are some of my drawings and images for Easter Sunday bulletins and worship screens.

Sacred Son Rise bordered

Begin Again2 Begin Again

Empty Sky

Beyond the Cross CelticResurrection


Easter2014 Star Fall

Rising Star

Son Rise

Liberty Sunrise Red Dawn

Empty Tomb

Like a Rolling Stone... Easter Sonrise

Epiphany 4a – Jan 29 bulletin cover

4 covers based on the Beatitude: Blessed are the Peacemakers





Black & white


Simple colors


Baptism of the Lord Sunday art

Art work for bulletin covers, coloring pages, and church websites for Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism Baptismbw

Baptismal Waters The Baptism