Baptism of the Lord Sunday art

Art work for bulletin covers, coloring pages, and church websites for Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism Baptismbw

Baptismal Waters The Baptism

Epiphany 1C – Baptism of Christ art

Bulletin cover art for Jan 10 – Epiphany 1C and Psalm 29 art

Spirit of Baptism 1


Spirit of Baptism 2


Water and Spirit

The Baptism



Psalm 29 cover for Epiphany 1C


Epiphany 1C - Psalm 29 color

Black & white cover & coloring page

Epiphany 1C - psalm 29

Lent 1 art: Baptism of the Lord by Stushie

Bulletin cover for First Sunday in Lent

Lent 01 Bulletin

Bulletin cover/ Newsletter image/ coloring page for Lent 1

Lent 01 Coloring page