Psalm 148 art

Christmas 1 bulletin art and clip art



Lectionary Art: Year A

This page will contain my latest lectionary drawings throughout the year.

Easter 3A – the Road to Emmaus – coloring sheet and bulletin cover

Easter 3A col Emmaus Window

Easter 4A – Psalm 23 – Shepherd – coloring sheet and bulletin cover

Easter 4Acol Easter 04A

lectionary art: Emmaus Window by Stushie

Church window design for after Easter when Jesus is recognized at the breaking of the bread

Emmaus Window

Worship Bulletin art: Epiphany 4A – Ordinary 4A

Here are two drawings for Epiphany 4A – the first in color and the second in black & white, which can also be used as a coloring sheet for church kids.

Color Graphic for worship/bulletin

Epiphany 04A

Coloring sheet for bulletin/ church kids