Bulletin Cover art and coloring pages for January

Here’s a quick link post to all my bulletin cover art and coloring pages for the month of January for Year A.

I’ll be creating and adding new images each week which will be sent via my email subscriptions. You can also check out the current Sunday page each week on the menu section.

Subscribers and donors can download the images for use.

Jan 1 Christmas 1A  

Jan 1 New Year’s Day art

Jan 06 Epiphany art

Jan 08 – Baptism of the Lord

Jan 15  Epiphany 2A and MLK Sunday art

Jan 22 – Epiphany 3A      Jan 29 – Epiphany 4A

Ordinary 13A Lectionary art

Psalm and Gospel drawings & coloring pages for this week’s lectionary

Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use 🙂

Psalm 13

Psalm 13hinv

Psalm 13h

Psalm 13hinvV

Psalm 13v

Ordinary 13A – Gospel of Matthew 10:24-33

02 July 17

Worship screen image

Sin Bearer

Sin Bearer

Sin Bearer

Ordinary 2A Bulletin art: Psalm 40

Bulletin covers and coloring pages for Psalm 40
Ordinary 2A or Epiphany 3A bulletins.
Subscribers and donors my copy & download for use 🙂

( MLK Sunday art can be found at this link: MLK )

Psalm 40 art

Psalm40v1bw Psalm40v1


Psalm40v1bwv Psalm40v1v

Psalm 40 bulletin cover

B&W – can be used as coloring sheet

Psalm 40 bulletin

Ordinary 33C bulletin cover – Psalm 98

Bulletin cover and coloring pages for Psalm 98 – this week’s lectionary psalm 🙂
Donors & subscribers may copy and download art for their use.

Psalm 98

Psalm 98 coloring page

Psalm 98

Psalm 98 coloring page

Ordinary 19A Bulletin cover: Psalm 105

Bulletin cover and coloring sheet for Psalm 105

Psalm 105 art

Psalm 105 coloring page