Stushie art 2010: the Second Sixty

I’ve drawn more than 170 pictures this year (2010). here’s an iconic look at the second sixty


Scottish Art: Snow on Sauchie

Sauchiehall (socky-hall) Street, Glasgow, Scotland – winter 2010

Snow on Sauchie

Fall Art: Favors of Fall

Smoky Mountain stream in Fall

Favors of Fall

Stushie art: Plantation

Tree lined path leading to the Plantation on Pawley’s Island


Smokies Art – Fall in Leaves

Fall in Leaves

The Smokies in the Fall. If God ever wanted to create a Second Eden, He should plant it here in East Tennessee…:)

Stushie art: Knoxville Dawn

Early morning light at the two bridges in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knoxville Dawn

Scottish Art: the Beast of Stalker Castle

A Highland Cow beside a famous Stewart Castle in Scotland

The Beast of Stalker Castle