Stushie art: Snowy Day – Red Cardinal

I like to draw a cardinal in winter every year 🙂
Pencils, crayons, and some digital. Enjoy.

Snowy Day

Stushie art: Tiger, Tiger

Beautiful Indian Tiger crawling through the grass – crayons

Tiger Tiger

American art: Rambling Raccoon

Young raccoon up a tree

Rambling Raccoon

I have 8×10 inch signed prints available surrounded by an 11×14 inch matte. Cost is only $20 plus $5 S&H for US mainland and Canada. Payments can be made through Paypal. Contact me at for details.

Stushie art: Winter Wolf

Winter Wolf

If ever I was given the privilege of a Native American name, Gray Wolf would be my choice…:)

African art: serengeti sovereign

Lion King – Beauty and power

Serengeti Sovereign