Pentecost art: Let The Fire Fall by Stushie

Pentecost Bulletin Cover – Pentecost worship image – Pentecost drawing
Holy Spirit descending on the Earth at Pentecost

Let The Fire Fall

Good Friday art: Heaven Came Down by Stushie

Bulletin art for Holy Week, Easter, Lent, and Good Friday

Heaven Came Down

Christmas art: Christmas in Heaven by Stushie

Golden Christmas Tree at the gates of Heaven – enjoy…:)

Christmas in Heaven

Christmas Bulletin art: Nativity Star by Stushie

nativity Star for Christmas


Horizontal version

Icon art: Christ icon by Stushie

Miniature art card painted with acrylics – the gold brilliantly reflects different lights.


Christ Icon

Pentecost art: Promised One by Stushie

The Holy Spirit descending upon Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost

Promised One

lectionary art: Emmaus Window by Stushie

Church window design for after Easter when Jesus is recognized at the breaking of the bread

Emmaus Window

Pentecost bulletin art: sacred spirit by Stushie

Stained Glass design for worship on Pentecost

Sacred Spirit

Descent by Stushie

The Apostles’ Creed tells us that Christ descended into Hell. This is my artistic depiction of that terrifying moment – called “Descent.” Crayons, digital, paper sculpting and photo.