Communion art: Bread and Wine by Stushie

Can be used as First Communion or Confirmation card, as well as a cover for a Communion worship service.

Bread and Wine

Easter art – – Holy week art – Maundy Grail

Worship bulletin art for maundy thursday tennebrae service

Maundy Grail

Easter Art: Sunrise Communion

Easter Communion

Religious Art: Psalm 16

Part of a series of artwork celebrating the Book of Psalms


16 down…132 to go!

Religious Art: Emmaus Bread

Christ breaking bread

The Resurrected Christ is recognized at Emmaus through the breaking of bread.

Luke 24:30

Sacred Art: Perceval’s Grail

Perceval's Grail

I’ve been reading about Perceval’s quest for the Fisher King’s Holy Grail