March Sunday images

The following links are for images based on the Sundays throughout March.

I’ll be adding new images each week, too. Subscribers and donors may copy and download images for use.

Mar 05 – Lent 2A

Mar 12 – Lent 3A

Mar 19 – Lent 4A

March 26 – Lent 5A

Lent and Ash Wednesday art

Art for Lent and Ash Wednesday. Can be used for bulletins, newsletters, postcards, and virtual worship.

Subscribers and donors can copy & download for use 🙂

Lent2020bw  Lent2020P

Lent2020bwh  Lent2020Ph

Journey BeginsA  Countdown

AshW2019  ASHW2019

Lent JourneyB  Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday  Ash Wednesday 2017

LentenCrossbor  Ash Wednesday

Lenten Cross  Lent

Lenten Cross: Lent Changes Everything by Stushie

Lenten Cross depicting the life of Christ

Lent Changes Everything

Easter Art: Passover Lamb

Passover Lamb