Pentecost Bulletin art: Free Spirit by Stushie

Sometimes you gotta draw when the Spirit says “Draw!”

Free Spirit

Pentecost art: Fulfillment by Stushie

The Holy Spirit is given to us on Pentecost as the fulfillment of Christ’s promise.


What a great gift! What an amazing Day!

pentecost drawing: Pentecost Banner by Stushie

Holy Spirit descending as a dove against a background of the four liturgical church colors

Pentecost Banner

Pentecost bulletin art: Pentecost People by Stushie

Fiery tongues of the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples at Pentecost in the Upper Room (Acts 2)

Pentecost People

pentecost art: Pentecost Power by Stushie

Pentecost stained glass/worship bulletin/ banner design

Pentecost Power

Pentecost art: Spirit in the City by Stushie

Holy Spirit descending upon an urban area in art nouveau style

Spirit in the City