Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross (7)

Seven Last Words 7

Father, into Your hands I commit my spirit.

Easter art: seven last words of Christ on the Cross (6)

Seven Last Words 6

It is finished.

Religious Art: The First Fifty Psalms

I’ve just completed my first fifty digital drawings of the first fifty psalms and Youtubed the sequence. Enjoy!

Lent Screensaver: Miracle of the Cross

A Prayer Card for Lent. Stare at it long enough and it turns into 3-D!

Lenten Prayer

Religious Art: Via Dolorosa

Abstract depiction of Christ being mobbed on His way to Calvary

Via Dolorosa

Abstract Art: Thanksgiving 2008

Abstract depiction of Thanksgiving, using the colors of autumn, Pilgrims and First people.

Thanksgiving 2008

Christian Art: Christ is King

Church window design for Christ is King Sunday

Christ is King